GreenPan Ranges comparison (Kyoto vs Vienna & Michel Roux vs MasterChef)

Lots of customers come to us saying they are fed up with supposed 'non-stick' which either sticks or peels off. Our Green Pan ranges have a patented Thermalon 'Rocks' coating which is ceramic based so have not only the desired durability  but are also enviromentally friendlier. As we carry four Green Pan ranges we thought the charts below would make it easier to compare the products and decide which is the right choice for you.

GreenPan Kyoto & Vienna Ranges

Kyoto Collection Vienna Collection
Black aluminium Hard anodised aluminium
Oven safe to 180 degrees Oven safe to 260 degrees
Thermolon Rocks interior, Thermolon Black exterior Thermolon Rocks interior coating
Bakelite handles Stainless steel riveted handles w/ silicon inserts
NOT induction compatible Induction compatible
 Green Pan Kyoto Frying Pan  Green Pan Vienna Skillet

These are the main differences between Kyoto and Vienna. Technically speaking, hard anodised aluminium (Vienna) is stronger than “normal” aluminium (Kyoto), but given that Kyoto has a wall thickness of 5mm, strength is not a concern. Therefore you can argue it is an aesthetic difference, rather than in terms of durability and “which one will last longer”.

Kyoto is less suitable for use in ovens, given the above temperature difference. This is due to the Bakelite handles on Kyoto, which are only safe up to 180 degrees centigrade, as opposed to Vienna and the silicon inserts being safe up to 260 degrees. This is why we have a casserole pan in the Vienna range, and not in the Kyoto.

Kyoto is a little  easier to wash-up than the Vienna range. This is due to the Thermolon Black non-stick coating on the outside. This gives the Kyoto collection its black appearance, and means that cleaning the outside of the pan is as easy cleaning  the inside. Whilst we recommend that our consumers do NOT put any of our non-stick products in the dishwasher- it is worth noting that dishwashers will REMOVE the hard anodised aluminium exterior on Vienna, and so it is always worth reinforcing the “DO NOT PUT IN THE DISHWASHER” warning to any Vienna customers!

Vienna is induction compatible, whereas Kyoto is not. Of course this only affects those who are seeking induction compatibility, but with this, the extra manufacturing work involved in pressure-slamming and sealing the induction plate, alongside the use of stainless steel handles as opposed to Bakelite means that the Vienna range is offered at a slightly higher price point than it’s Kyoto counterparts.

We prefer Kyoto for activities like stir-frying as it is a slightly lighter pan and therefore easier to control, whereas the higher oven capability of the Vienna range makes it more suitable for customers who want a more flexible and functional collection.

 Green Pan Michel Roux & MasterChef Ranges

Michel Roux Collection MasterChef Professional Collection
Tri-ply stainless steel (full body) Stainless steel, with a tri-ply base
Oven safe to 260 degrees Oven safe to 260 degrees
Thermolon Rocks “professional” non-stick coating on Frypans and Milkpan Thermolon Rocks non-stick coating on Frypans, Wok and Milkpan
Cast stainless steel riveted steel handles Stainless steel riveted handles
Induction compatible Induction compatible
 GreenPan Michel Roux Range  GreenPan Masterchef Range

The main difference between the Michel Roux Collection and the MasterChef Professional Collection lies in the construction of the body. Both ranges are made from high-quality stainless steel- however the Michel Roux Collection is fully “Tri-ply”, that is, there is a layer of aluminium between 2 layers of stainless steel throughout the whole body of the pan. This allows for the best heat conduction, distribution and balance. The MasterChef Pro Collection features tri-ply construction only in the base of the pan. This mean that heat can be quickly conducted ad distributed around the pan, but of course to have full tri-ply is more effective.

The Michel Roux Collection features Thermolon Rocks “Professional” coating. This is the top-dog of the coatings that Thermolon has developed, and offers the maximum in non-stick durability. Of course, we  must still stress that the Thermolon Rocks coating found on MasterChef and various other GreenPan products (Kyoto, Vienna,  e.t.c) offers the same fantastic non-stick, but the “professional” coating is designed with the commercial kitchen in mind, and there is a greater emphasis on the durability aspect of this particular coating.

 The Michel Roux Collection handles have a more traditional charm, whereas MasterChef is more functional. (Quick note: You may find that after washing up Masterchef products, water still drips from the handle- please  be reassured  that this is a planned design, to allow water to escape from the handle and not linger).

We hope this is helpful but of course if you need any further advice or information give us a call - we're always happy (some might say legendary....) to have a chat!

Best regards

Philip, Kate, Michal and Jakki - the Web Team

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