Our Favourite Juice Recipes

At Art of Living we are all big juicing fans both in our shops and our homes.  Many of us own the KT100 and this juicer is on demo in our shops every day for you to sample our juices.

(Click here to see why we we think that the KT100 is the BEST Juicer)

Here are some of our favourite juice recipes but we'd also love to hear about yours.

 The Shop Favourite

  • Orange (4), apple (4), carrot (4), lemon and ginger
-Top and tail carrots, no need to peel ( if carrots are thick cut in half length ways)
-Top and tail oranges. Take off skin and pith with a knife going from top to bottom of orange and cut into 4 wedges
- Cut Apples into quarters, no need to peel
- Wedge of lemon no need to peel, this gives juice a zing.
- As much ginger as you dare !! no need to
 Philips Daily Squeeze
  • oranges (4),  ginger (good knob of), Strawberries (6/8), braeburn apples (4), Kiwi (1)

 Babettes Morning Kick-Start

  • apples, carrots, oranges, plus a bit of lemon and a bit of ginger.

Babette always starts with apples and oranges or satsumas etc. She always adds a bit of ginger and lemon for the vitamins, then add whatever she has around.

Lindas Fresh & Minty

  • Cucumber (half), two large slices of honeydew melon (We sliced of some rind off as it would be a bit  too hard to put though the juicer), a few leaves of Mint, 1 apple

 Pats Sparkling Lemon Juice

 Lovely for Summer afternoons (if we get any sunshine).

  • Lemons (top and tailed).

 Add cold sparkling water to juice and a sprig of parsley. This is like an old fashioned lemonade.

 Gemmas Tangy Little Treat

  •  An Apple, One Pear, Slice of Lime, Slice of ginger. 

 Cobham customers liked this little variation when we tried it out a few Saturdays ago.

We also recommend the recipes on www.

 Other Bluett-Duncan family favourite juicing ingredients

-Celery, 1 stalk per pot, cut it in small chunks for the strings not to jam the juicer.

-Peppers,  prefers the non green ones,

-Beetroot, gives a lovely colour and a nice earthy flavour

-Grapes, especially when they look a bit flabby and nobody wants to eat them

-grapefruit, peeled. Babette loved it, but the family didn’t, too sour.

 Things Babette  has tried and not liked:

-Pears, they tend to make a mush, so like bananas and berries, they are better put with some juice in a blender and make a super fantastic smoothie.

-Pineapple,  tried to put the skins in, to save all these nice bits of flesh attached to the skin, and the result is very green and bitter. If the pineapple is already “skinned”, then put it in the blender as above.

-broccoli, very good for you, but I really prefer to cook them waterless in Demeyere pan and eat them.

 Please tell us about your favourite juices!

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