Shipton Mill Flour

We now stock a selection of Shipton Mill Flour in our shops and online.

Babette has been using Shipton Mill Flour for a number of years now and loves the company, their ethos, their product and the results achieved by using their flour!  The first mention of Shipton Mill can be traced back to 1339 in the Domesday Book. In 1981 when the current owners first discovered Shipton Mill it was a shadow of its former self. The incentive to make the millstones turn again was driven by the healthy appetite for natural foods shown by increasing numbers of people. 

They use many traditional grains that have not been over hybridised or enhanced so the quality of the grain and its suitability for more traditional uses is ideal. For example to produce their traditional organic white and wholemeal flours, Shipton Mill uses a rare variety of wheat called Maris Widgeon. Traditionally used for thatching because of the long stems on which heritage wheats bear their grain,it is well suited to the organic system of sustainable farming.

They also import wheat to meet the demand for blended flours.  They actively support sea-transport as a sustainable practice and source only the best parcels of wheat they can find from coountries such as France, Canada and most recently Kazakhstan.

The grain ground at Shipton Mill provides organic and wholemeal flours that are wholesome in texture and flavour, with a well-established reputation among Master Bakers up and down the country.

We stock the following Shipton Mill Flours - Traditional Organic White Flour, Organic Ciabatta Flour, Organic White Spelt Flour, Cut Malted Rye Grains, Organic Light Rye Flour, Organic Semolina and Organic 3 Malts and Sunflower Brown Flour.  We also stock Instant Dried Yeast and Organic Dried Yeast

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