Vitamix helps keep your skin juicy!

Get your seven a day with the Vitamix blender

Get your seven a day with the Vitamix blender

Good nutrition, in particular, is key to the  sorts of things we tend to care about, such as having nice hair, clear skin and  a healthy glow. If you eat rubbish, you'll look rubbish.

On the whole, then, new guidelines about  eating more fruit and veg are to be heeded. Trouble is, how do you fit it all in - and how do you make sure you don't cook most of the goodness out of things  such as carrots and the murkier-tasting greens including cabbage, spinach and  kale?

You shove it all in a blender and knock it  back, that's how. And if you invest in a really, really good blender - the kind  that is so powerful it practically blends things at a sub-atomic level - you  might even enjoy getting your seven a day.

Time for my confession: about six months ago,  I bought a Vitamix. It was wildly expensive: £459.95.  I agonised over it for weeks. I attended several in-store demonstrations. I  wavered (after all, it's recommended by Gwyneth Paltrow). And then, one day, I  took the plunge.

I can honestly say its the busiest small  electrical item in my kitchen - apart from the kettle, of course.

And it is, quite genuinely, indestructible.  It will take frozen fruit from the freezer; it will pulverise the most fibrous  of vegetables - and, best of all, it blends things so thoroughly you really  can't taste the saintly good bits.

(Sarah Vine - Daily Mail)

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